Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Continuing Reviews

Just got back from The Bottled Fool (Gusher No Binds Me) ... That was fucked up, man... But I'll have to get to that at a later date. ;) I was browsing the McGill Classifieds and I noticed that people were actually trying to SELL invitations to join Gmail! Aside from the fact that this is illegal, I respect the guys from Google too much to let this happen. So I decided to go on a crusade. I put an ad on the website to ignore the people who are charging for invites, and that I would try to accumulate all that I could and give them away free. Only time will tell. Back to the movies... July 10th, 5:00 PM: Godzilla This is a classic. The original Godzilla (Gojira) from 1954. The movie had not been seen in its present form in North America until now - It had come along but it was cut apart, scenes involving white people were thrown in, and it really disrupted the flow of the original. But now, in its pure, untarnished form Gojira has resurfaced - and it blew me away. The interestingly expressed anti-war sentiments as well as the powerful score are among the most obvious positive attributes of the film, and far outweigh the surprisingly scarce cheesiness that one would expect from this genuinely groundbreaking (and to date, excessively clich├ęd) film. It deserves much more respect than it has gotten over the last half-decade in North America. July 10th, 7:00 PM: Azumi Movies based on Manga rule! The action, the fighting, the characters, the gore, while all exaggerated, very much add to, and do not detract in the least from director Kitamura Ryuhei's film. The characters really looked like they were straight out of the manga, which they really were. The swordplay, while no match for Takeshi Kitano's Zatoichi, was rather impressive coming from people who most likely had little or no previous sword-fighting experience. Overall, it was extremly enjoyable, and most entertaining - especially Bijomaru Mogami, the white-clad, rose-toting swordsman... July 14th, 7:10 PM: Sword In The Moon Now this was an interesting one. The movie was basically a Korean Samurai film (with soldiers that wear really cool hats). The movie was a real blend of stories, and I found that it really did not do some aspects of these stories enough justice. It was really stylised and filled with really incredible camera-work and landscapes, which were just incredible to observe, but like its Korean counterpart (Wonderful Days) it was much more a thing to view than to hear... Though to a much lesser extent - the story made sense (most of the time) and it had some great threads to follow, but it simply didn't follow them enough for my tastes... Alright. I'll pick this up tomorrow. I'm really tired... :) Now Reading : Cryptonomicon - Neil Stephenson (This is gonna be a long one...) Now Playing : Animetal - Sailor Moon Theme (Hee hee hee... This rocks!)


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