Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Sexy sexy sexy

So yeah, I got the lappy, as anyone in my nearby (and even distant) circles should already know. But now, as the weather gets better, I'm discovering just how great it is to have a lightweight, sexy laptop with built-in wireless can be when it's gorgeous outside and there's wireless reception out there. *drools* Had a fun calculus class today -- my teacher goes through so much coloured chalk it's scary... We get like integral (limits) integral (limits) integral (limits) sin x cos y z^2 dz dy dx or something like that and the teacher will be like... "By inspection of the integral, it's zero" And I'll be confused cuz I'm just looking at my notes. Then he'll say "it's because the blue part will be zero no matter what" and I'll get more confused until I look at the board and find out. Not that I'd know what to look for when I study. So that's been a little amusing. And frustrating. Or both, simultaneously. And now I've gotta wait like 40 minutes until I meet up with my Prof for the independent studies, so that I can work out the logistics of it all. Now I've got the sexy computing power to handle anything. ;) Now Reading : Schaum's Outline of Advanced Calculus Now Playing : Animetal - Saint Seiya