Monday, September 06, 2004

Birth on My Drunkday

Hee hee hee... You people pulled a fast one on me there! In case you don't know, yesterday was my birthday and it was awesomely cool cuz Leilani planned a surprise party for me. Originally the plan was to go to Sakura and eat, then come home so she could give me my cake and presents, then I would go meet my friends at Ye Olde Orchard for booze and fun. I get home with Leilani, she stops me when we get out of the car, sounding remarkably like a hallmark card, hugging me and telling me "I just hope you've enjoyed yourself, and I want to wish you all the best in the future and good luck in everything you do..." Then I walk in the door, see a body on top of a cake lighting candles, the lights come on and "SURPRISE!!!" I was so damned confused, man... But after I was given a beer, a large sombrero and a pink boa, it started to dawn on me that I was having a surprise party. I'm amazed how well Leilani pulled it off. She even applied laws of statistics to the concept of my invitations by telling some people to decline, telling me they couldn't come to the pub, so that it would seem more realistic. I'm really impressed. :D As soon as I walked in the door I was given a VodkIce sorta thing, which managed to be drunk within a very short amount of time and was subsequently followed by another downed within a similar timespan. I had just barely finished with that when I hear "Harley! Have a shot of Vodka with us!" So I do that. As soon as my shotglass has hit the table Mike comes along and says "Harley! Have a shooter!" So I drink it. 3 more followed within a short period. One of my presents (THANKS TO MAH HOMIES!!! ;P) was a case of Tsingtao, a couple of which were made to disappear too quickly. I think it was less the volume drunk and rather the speed with which I took it all in. But I was plastered. I have one picture now, and will post more later. :D Now Reading: Mastering Regular Expressions - Jeffrey E. F. Friedl Now Playing: No.... Music bad...... My head...................


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