Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Yet another BlogZOT!

Well, MacZOT has done it again. It's the brand spanking new BLOGZOT 2.0 on MacZOT.com! Basically the way it usually works is they drop the price of software by $0.05 for every blog entry about the subject submitted. Now, I'm always glad to contribute to such things, especially if it's good software. However, this time it's not only good software, it's fantastic software.

The software of the day is SubEthaEdit from CodingMonkeys, which normally goes for $35 US. Last time, when they did this with AppZapper (blogged here) they gave away 5000 units of software. So, since this time they will give away 3000 units at $35 apiece, that means that MacZOT and TheCodingMonkeys will award $150,000 in Mac software to their loyal customers. However, to make things easier they've already discounted the software to $30 (MacZOT always discounts software when they sell it - that's their big selling point) and since they're dropping the price by $0.05 for every blog, 600 people must blog this in order for the software to be free. Furthermore, at a 5 cent drop per blog with 600 blogs, that means that 600 blogs will result in a total of $105,000 in free software, so every blog will result in $175 being given away.

I've only used SubEthaEdit a little, and it seems to be a really slick piece of software. I mean, it is a collaborative text editor, so you can edit a document simultaneously with a bunch of other people, it colour-codes your edits, and it works over the internet or over Apple's zero-configuration wireless protocol, Bonjour. I've only briefly tested it out, and while it sometimes gets funky with firewalls and stuff, it's pretty fuckin' cool. The only drawback is, most of the coders I know don't use Macs, but hopefully that'll change when I get deeper into the bioinformatics, since EVERYONE uses a Mac.

Anyways, I'm really impressed with what MacZOT! Is pulling off here, and I hope they continue the fantastic work they've been doing.


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