Thursday, October 07, 2004


So I wake up an hour early this morning only to discover that EVERY TIME I BREATHE I FEEL SEARING PAIN!!! Turns out that I had over-exerted myself in my reaching up and down at my Tai Chi class and pulled some muscles in my chest area. Now I have the distinct honour of feeling pain no matter what position I may find. I can lay on my back, but if I lift my arms to be able to read I feel more pain. This sucks. I mean, I'm managing to use my computer with small amounts of pain shooting across my chest, but it's just because of the good dose of Aleve I took... On the bright side I managed to finish my book this morning while trying to ignore the aching of my body. It was all about the development of our Alphabet and stuff... What I found to be quite interesting was the fact that while I did know that English used to have two letters for "th" (Thorn - Þ, and Eth - ð) - Thorn being pronounced like the "th" in "Thursday", and Eth like in "bathe" - Thorn managed to stay in our alphabet for quite a while, being written as a "y". So "the" would look like "ye": So in fact, Ye Olde Orchard is really "Þe Olde Orchard", or properly pronounced, "The Old[e] Orchard". I understand that the meaning is there, but when we are using "Ye" in that sense it is actually incorrect... It's sad that I think about this stuff... But I find it interesting, goddamnit! =Þ (Note the Thorn... hee hee hee) Owww... Now Reading : Hmm.. I dunno what to read now... Maybe James Clavell's Shōgun... Or Clive Barker's Books of Blood... Or Simon Singh's Fermat's Enigma... I've got a couple of books by Greg Egan... But then again I have like 6 Christopher Moore books to read. Bah. I'll probably read the Books of Blood. Now Playing : Hound Dog - Rocks (Awesomely Cool Naruto Theme)


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