Monday, October 18, 2004

Lorem Ipsum

OK, first I just want to get this off my chest:

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Nullam eget dui et tortor tempor laoreet. Pellentesque sem purus, sagittis in, scelerisque sit amet, adipiscing ut, odio. Duis mauris dui, ullamcorper sed, egestas sed, volutpat ut, metus. Phasellus nonummy augue ut sapien. Nulla sed magna sit amet justo eleifend condimentum. Fusce lobortis dapibus pede. Duis vel orci congue orci convallis laoreet. Aliquam ut nisl. Mauris at purus in felis pretium facilisis. Praesent eget sapien aliquam odio accumsan molestie. Sed tempus aliquet diam. Duis a felis a risus accumsan ultrices. Mauris id wisi. Proin consectetuer. Maecenas vestibulum faucibus massa. In sit amet velit.

I think I just have a strange passion for Lorem Ipsum. For those of you who do not know, Lorem Ipsum is a typesetting convention used by many graphic designers to demonstrate a page's layout without having distracting text. It's basically Latin-like gibberish with a normal letter distribution. I think it's fascinating. Further study (Google) has informed me that it is in fact based on a quote from Cicero, but that's besides the point. On another note, I managed to accidentally delete all of /home/harley, thinking I was in /var/tmp/portage. Some things I can recover (eBooks and stuff), and other things I cannot (code I've written -- Not enough of that to be missed, though -- and some games that took me months to find). What really gets to me, though, is the fact that I lost all of my school stuff. Again, most of it will not be missed. What will, however, be missed are my 40 pages of math notes from this semester, and my 60-odd pages of math notes which I was going to need for review over the winter as I am taking part 2 of the course in the winter semester. Oh well... No use crying over spilled milk. Really sucks, though... Now Reading : Molecular Biology of Oncogenes Coursepack - Barid Mukherjee Now Playing : Dio - Master of the Moon


Blogger Edward said...

I feel the hurt, dude.

I recently totalled my / directory in an attempt to resize it.

It hurts even more that I didn't know this

5:15 p.m.  

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