Monday, April 25, 2005


I've discovered that I am amongst the worst students in the world when it comes to studying (well, of those who actually DO study... those who just don't really can't count). Here's my typical study day:
  1. Wake up late
  2. Check the forums
  3. Check my e-mail
  4. Play around on the 'Net -- Can involve eBay, /., etc.
  5. Play around with portage
  6. Possibly repeat steps 2-5, until I get hungry
  7. Take my time eating breakfast/lunch, possibly read the paper
  8. Go back to my room, and repeat steps 2-5 until either I realise how much I should be studying, I get interrupted by dinner, I get a phone call, or I get really bored
  9. Either study or play SNES, depending on the urgency
  10. Start studying seriously
  11. Get a call from Leilani, and talk on the phone for a good while
  12. Try to get back to studying, but the lure of steps 2-5 can take over -- again, depending on how much I should be studying
  13. Either realise that I can't absorb any more material for the evening or get really distracted
  14. Either call up Phrook for some Kung Fu movieage or repeat steps 2-5
  15. Go to bed (usually at quite a late hour)
  16. Repeat steps 1-16 until the exam
And that's how it works most of the time. Sometimes I get more serious and actually study, but it frequently winds up as above.... It's a good thing I didn't get my computer delivered during exam period -- It'd be a terrible influence on my studies... Now Reading : Human Molecular Genetics - {Peter Sudbery, Strachan and Read} (Two textbooks, same title, different authors) Now Playing : Best of Nintendo - Unknown Stage (Double Dragon 2)


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